Majestic Fireplace Products

Majestic Ashland Majestic Biltmore 50 Majestic Sovereign 42

Majestic Fireplaces are manufactured in the United States. They offer a variety of size fireplaces ranging from 36″-50″.


Stuv Wood Burning Fireplaces

Stuv 21-125 Stuv 21-105 DF Stuv 21-85

Stuv Fireplaces are manufactured in Europe. They are EPA wood burning fireplaces, which in addition to a nice fire, produce a great amount of warmth. A nice feature on the Stuv fireplace, is the guillotine style door.


Astria Wood Fireplaces

Astria 1 Astria 2 Astria 3

Astria Fireplaces are manufactured in the United States. Astria offers both an open style fireplace and EPA fireplace for great heat benefit. Size options vary.


Regency Wood Fireplaces

Regency 1 Regency 2 Regency 3

Regency Wood Fireplaces are manufactured in Canada. They are EPA fireplaces, designed for efficiency and heat.